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The ship sailed...

"The ship sailed into the last harbour and anchored to leave no more,

As there was no longer any hope from the wind or day light,

After the light carried by the dawn had left Captain Eudemos,

There buried the ship with a life as short as a day, like a broken wave."

This is an ancient script I found in a small beach when I was traveling in Turkey.

I was very moved. It made me think who I am as a human and as a scientist, and as a human conducting science. If I ever become a leader of a group of people, I wish I would be loved as he, and when I leave them, I wish I would be missed as he.

Would I?

See "Self-portrait of Michelangelo". All I can do is to try my best, and try helping others to do their best, to come a step closer to "up there".

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