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My random thoughts on physics

Here, I am going to share some of the ideas in physics that are intriguing

EPR paradox

1925 Schrödinger noticed the non-local properties in the mathematical description of particles he developed.
1935 Einstein published EPR paradox and pointed out the paradoxical behavior of two particles in long distance.
Bohr was shocked by this publication and only replied with abstract argument.
1964 Bell published his formalism of EPR paradox, by assuming the non-locality to explain the two-body problem which meant that Einstein was wrong in saying that EPR paradox points out the flaw in quantum physics, but for the quantum physics to be correct, the non-locality had
 to be assumed.
This is, for me, as a scientist, the most central, fundamental issue in science: what does it mean for science?

EPR paradox II

The debate between Bohr and Einstein is understood today as "Bohr won, Einstein lost". I think this is quite a superficial interpretation of the outcome. Let me explain my point.

By EPR paradox, Einstein indicated that there was something wrong when we think of the two-body interaction in the context of quantum physics. Only by the work by Bell 30 years later, the clear explanation was given but with a surprise assumption required: non-locality of reality. Neither of Bohr or Einstien reached to this conclusion. But at least Einstein had an intuition that there was something about the two-body problem. In this sense, it was Einstein who had a right direction of thinking. To me, this, his intuition, is the most amazing insight I know in the history of science.

EPR paradox III

The Nobel Prize for Physics 2022 went to Alain Aspect along with Johan Clauser and Anton Zeilinger. 

I am very happy about it. Although John Bell had passed away and could not receive Nobel Prize, for sure he should have, otherwise. At least, those who did the experiment to prove Bell was right got the prize.

It often takes time for revolutionary new ideas in fundamental physics to be recognized. I noticed I hear John Bell's idea on various media more often. So, slowly it is starting to be recognized, and I believe we will discuss the meaning of non-locality and its impact on science more and more.

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