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Biased competition -reversal by top-down feedback

I discovered signals from V2 to V1 (top-down feedback signals) can reverse the outcomes of neural competitions at V1

Applying the hybrid experimental model to investigate neural competition mechanisms (see this page), I investigate the effect of top-down signals from V2 (called LM in mice visual cortex) to V1. While two pyramidal neurons show sustained rivalry (bi-stable activities), the activation of the top-down signal reverses the dominance of the competition.

Figure 1 (left)

8 pole stimulation electrode is placed in V2 (LM area) while two pyramidal neurons are recorded from V1. Applying the hybrid system with a dynamic clamp, two neurons compete to each other.

Figure 2 (below)

While two pyramidal neurons show bi-stable activities with alternating dominance, activation of the top-down signals from V2 reverserse the dominace most of the times.

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