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Someone else's dictionary

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

“When you study, do not become someone else’s dictionary.” At 14, around the time when I decided to do science in my future, I heard someone saying this. By this, he meant that just an accumulation of knowledge itself is not the purpose of studying. It has been in my mind since then.

You may be able to memorize all the available theories and knowledge and you may become an authority. Does it make you the one to solve the problems? No. The fact that we do not know the answer means that the accumulation of all the knowledge failed to solve the problem so far. There is something missing. Science is something to study about what we do not know. It is the most fundamental to acknowledge “we do not know” when you do science. Simple linear extensions of current knowledge do not give you a breakthrough. The insight of the world developed from the knowledge, but not the accumulated knowledge itself, is what matters.

Intuition matters.

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