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look at the mirror

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

It does not matter if you are a lawyer, a politician, or a scientist. Back in your head, cunningly hidden, you may know what you are doing. But, as far as you are rewarded, human psychology goes such that you do not care. As far as you got good pay, power, success, papers in good journals, and are in a good position in academia.

You will keep going in this way...will you?

In principle, these jobs have fundamental goals, saving people's rights, making people's lives better, and making true contributions to human knowledge.

There should be a moment that you go, "Wait a minute. What am I really doing???", by looking at you from distance, or at the mirror.

But do you?

And how many people out there can say, "Com'n, I have to stop it"?

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