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I attended a conference ICCN, International Congress on Cognitive Neurodynamics, 2019, Alghero Sardinia (, last week.

It has been a long time since I attended a small conference last time. But I always liked it. Easier to get attention, easier to approach the members to have in-depth discussions. Plus, at ICCN, there were gorgeous dinners every night!

The presentations were mostly oral. Many interesting presentations. Especially I enjoyed the session on consciousness dedicated to Walter Freeman. As a whole, however, I think some presenters should work hard on the skill of communication. The attendees were international (about half of them were from Asia). By participating an international conference, one should, to a certain degree, have a good enough skill to hold proper discussions in proper English. But some of them were not able to. And in some cases it was impossible to understand their talks.

However, I understand that young people need to experience and small conferences are good opportunities for that. In fact, I could see that some of them were sincere and trying hard. That was nice to see. I understand how difficult it is to develop the skill of interactions in English while in a rather isolated environment. So, good luck everyone!

Personally, I had nice interactions with the attendees and came back with positive feelings about the whole event.

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