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Debrecen, Hungary

Since the end of last month, I have been visiting and working at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, with my good old colleague/friend, Peter Szucs. We worked together at the laboratory of Peter Somogyi in UK years ago when he was a student. Now he is a head of the department of anatomy here.

Nevertheless, he does not look he has changed, and he has not stopped working in the lab at all. And T-shirts and cargo pants, he never looks like a head of the department. I myself have been commented that it is admiring that I am still working at the lab with my age. I guess we are the same kind, huh?

We are working on finalizing our project on hippocampal micro-circuit.

There have been a lot of technical difficulties but we are working hard to get it materialized.

So stay tuned!

The campus of this university is gorgeous, by the way.

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